Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New collectable on E-Bay -- Stanley Cup Stitches!

Do you collect game-used cards? That’s so yesterday.

How about autographs? Yawn.

How about hockey memorabilia or equipment? Been there, got it.

How about an exciting, new form of hockey collectable – Stitches from the 2012-2013 Stanley Cup Championships?
If you remember, during Game six of the 2012-13 Stanley Cup at Boston, Bruins winger Shawn Thornton's attempted a dump-in that climbed up the stick of Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw, nailing him on the right side of his face. While Bruins fans booed, Shaw lay motionless and bleeding on the ice, before skating to the locker room.

Once stitched up, Shaw was back on the bench at the start of the second period. It’s amazing the healing power the Stanley Cup has. He didn’t appear to be in too much pain, as he lifted Lord Stanley’s cup later that evening with his Blackhawks teammates.

Now, according to Shaw’s Facebook page, those very stitches will be on auction through E-Bay to benefit the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

“Starting Thursday August 15th, 2013 we will be auctioning off the actual stitches that Andrew Shaw received from a puck he took to the face in Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals. This auction will be run for ten days ending on August 25th, 2013 on

“We will post links to the auction on this page. The stitches are being professionally framed with an autographed photograph of Andrew Shaw, plus there will be other items included in this auction lot.”

I’m not sure, however, if the auction is for individual stitches, or for the lot. In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how much money it raises for the V Foundation.

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