Tuesday, September 17, 2013

34th Nationals VIP Sportkings Blackhawks Anthology Set

For years, I've always wanted to attend the National Sports Collector's Convention. Even though I live about 300-some miles away in Iowa, I've never been to the show when it's been held at Chicago's Rosemont Horizon. The closest I came to going was a few years ago, when I was granted a media pass to report on the event for Sports Card Forum, but I broke my ankle in a motorcycle accident and that was that.

I was hoping to make it to this year's Convention, but again, fate was a way of throwing curveballs at you.

Thank Heavens, howvever, for Sal at Puck Junk. A Blackhawks fan (I knew there was somthing about him I liked...) who attended this year's show, offered up sets of the VIP Anthology Blackhawks cards only available at this year's National Sports Collectors Convention. Of all the cards and sets available to VIP members, this was the one set I really, really wanted.

All Sal wanted, was for you to Post a comment, telling "who your favorite Chicago Blackhawks player is — either past or present — and why." He then picked the answers that he liked the best. Of course, I posted how I'd always been a "Tony Esposito kind of guy. 'Nuff said!"

And thanks to Sal, I was one of his winners of this wonderful set.


To me, the Esposito, Mikita and Pilote cards really made this set. Having old Chicago greats such as Bill Mosienko, Charlie Gardiner and Glenn Hall ain't bad, either. No matter how you slice it, this set will now reside within a hollowed place in my Blackhawks collection.

Again, thanks Sal. This totally made my day!

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