Sunday, December 15, 2013

1985 Cartophilium Hall of Fame cards

Since it's Sunday and the middle of the month, it was time to hit the monthly Urbandale American Legion Card Show.

Usually, I'm on the hunt for new additions to my San Diego Padres baseball collection. However, there's been more and more dealers offering hockey card selections as of late.

Which makes me a very happy kind of guy.

Besides picking up a few rookie cards and some Chicago Blackhawks cards, I came across the following three cards in a baseball dime box, of all places.

The three cards -- J.J. Adams (#182), J.B (Jack) Laviolette (#159) and S.S. (Si) Griffis (#155) are part of a Hockey Hall of Fame card set issued in 1985 (despite a 1983 copyright).
These 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" cards were issued as part of a 240-card set originally sold in the Canadian Sears 1985 Christmas Catalog. The backs are written in both French and English.  It was originally offered in 1983 in a postcard format, re-released in the trading card format in 1985 and then again in 1987, expanded to 261-cards with the newest additions to the Hall of Fame. Each set feature members of the Hockey Hall of Fame, with artwork by Carlton McDiarmid. 
McDiarmid served 34-years as a hockey goal judge at Montreal's Forum. A noted artist, McDiarmid, and Jerry Hersh, drew the illustrations for the1986 Kraft hockey cards. McDiarmid passed away in 2009, at the age of 72.
I actually think they're kind of cool. It would be very interesting to try and compile this set, but I think it could be a very hard one to put together. 
In the meantime, however, I'll just enjoy the artwork of Mr. McDiarmid.


  1. I picked up some of the postcards at the Hall in 1983 and 1984. They came in series with about 8-10 postcards in a pack. I got the entire series of the small ones a couple years later, though I think it was directly from Cartophilium, who had a huge mail-order business at the time.

    It's a very cool set and the only one that includes a lot of hockey pioneers.

  2. Hello,

    You recently commented on my blog that you had a Linden Select card /35 that I might be interested in. As a matter of fact......I would.

    I'd love to set up a trade for it if possible.

    If you could fire me off your e-mail in another comment on my blog (I promise not to post it), I will contact you and we can work something out.

    Thanks for contacting me.

    Have a good one.


  3. I'm looking to sell my complete 1983 set.... need a buyer.

  4. i have the full 1987 set #1-261. if your interested

  5. i have the full 1987 set #1-261. if your interested