Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where have all the 'cool' collectors gone?

I guess you can say it's been a rather frustrating couple of weeks. After trying to get reconnected with my hockey card collection and the hockey collecting world in general,  I have one question.

Where have all the cool hockey card collector's gone?

When I was a hockey forum moderator on Sports Card Forum, there a bunch of great traders who were very active in the pursuit of their favorite teams and players. It didn't take much to strike up a trade and badda bing, badda boom, it was a done deal.

You could also find some great deals on E-Bay, including old card sets and collections were looking to part with, at a fairly decent price. Those were great in boosting my collection with older, established players, as the table in my collection room now holds eight, 5,000-count hockey boxes full of cards.

Hockey card collecting now has a completely different feel than what it used to. While hockey has always been the red-headed stepchild among the baseball, football and basketball collecting family, there was a sense of community and humanity among hockey card collectors. Now, it feels like everyone is out for themselves, trying to get what they can. This seems totally the opposite of the baseball card bloggers I correspond and trade with on my Bleedin' Brown and Gold baseball card blog.
Recently, I "liked" a hockey collecting group on Facebook and offered up the Alexander Ovechkin autograph I pulled from a box of Panini Hockey Prizm from my LCS' Black Friday sales. Serial numbered 20/20 and replete with a sharp blue pen autograph, I posted it up for sale or trade, hoping at the very least I could get a nice Tony Esposito auto, or something nice in return.

I had a couple of bites at possible traders, but I already had the Espo cards they were offering. I had one guy who was willing to buy it, so I threw a $100 estimate at him as a negotiable starting point.

Bottom line, I was told the card wasn't worth it.

"It does not mean anything that it is 20/20," I was told, "I will give you $40. Paypal right now."

While I don't take much stock in "book value," I'm not going to sell you a $100 card for pennies on the dollar. Ovechkin's regular Panini auto sells for slightly less than that, and at least to me, a card serial numbered 20 of 20 has a special significance, as there are only 20 of that specific card made.

I should have told him fine, if you have any serial numbered 1/1s or 5/5s laying around, that doesn't mean anything, I'll give you $10 for them.

Maybe I erred in joining this particular group. Besides SCF, what other good hockey card trading/collecting groups and/or websites are out there?

In the meantime, I once again ask, Where have all the cool hockey card collector's gone?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2012-13 Dominion Auto Rookie Patches

Even though I'm a fairly devout Chicago Blackhawks fan, I think I'm beginning to develop a warm spot for the Iowa Wild, Minnesota's American Hockey league affiliate who began play here in Des Moines this season.
Enough of a warm spot, I guess, to pick up this sweet-looking 2012-13 Dominion Autographed Rookie Patches Parallel Kristopher Foucault, S/N 31/72.
At 6-1 and 202 pounds, LW Kristopher Foucault was a fourth round pick of the Minnesota Wild in the 2009 draft. Now in his third professional season, he played one game with the Minnesota Wild, on February 14, 2012 versus the Anaheim Ducks. However he failed to register on the scoresheet, skating12 shifts for the Wild in just under nine minutes of ice time.
Since 2010-11, he's played for the American Hockey League Houston Aeros, which became the Iowa Wild this year. In 31 games with Iowa, he's scored four goals, seven assists and recorded 12 penalty minutes. He also has 59 shots on goal and a +/- of +5.
We'll next see him in action during next home game, January 15, versus the Toronto Marlies.
One of the players whose cards I've been keeping an eye out for is G Darcy Kuemper. With current Wild goalie Josh Harding battling issues with his multiple sclerosis and medication, Keumper's been making quite a few trips to the Twin Cities.
As a matter of fact, there are currently eight Iowa Wild players on the Minnesota roster, to include LW Erik Haula (recalled recently due to Mikko Koivu's injury), D Jonathon BLum, LW Jason Zucker, LW Stephane Vellieux, F Taylor Matson, C Dave Steckel, C Mike Rupp and Keumper. 
Next Wednesday's game with the 19-11Marlies should be interesting, no matter how you look at it.